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We believe that it’s important to to get clear answers to all your questions on the way to successful moneymaking in financial markets.

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What would be a good initial deposit at Grand Capital?

In most cases, the recommended starting amount is $1,000. This sum is sufficient for trading any instruments, can withstand a drawdown, allows to hedge volatility risks in currency markets with commodity CFD trades.

How to open a trading account?

After you register, a Standard trading account will be created for you automatically. Make a deposit using a bank card, a payment system or cryptocurrency. If you’re depositing via bank card, you’ll have to pass a verification procedure and provide all the necessary documents required by the processing system.

What’s next?

Start trading. First you’ll need to download a trading platform: MT4, MT5 (for experienced traders) or mobile app Grand Trade (works for everyone), choose an instrument and start trading. The most popular currency pairs for trading are EUR/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, BTC/USD, ETH/USD, LTC/USD.
If you prefer trading commodities, turn your attention to oil, gas and metals, and if you’re interested in stocks and indices, you can choose from our wide selection of these instruments.
If you don’t know what to start with, visit our page for beginners or contact your personal manager through the ticket system in your Private Office.

What we offer

What investment and management services are available to you?

RAMM is for investment and management. Connect to the available strategies that are proven successful and create your own. The service is fully automated and easy to use, provides a high level of capital protection, allows setting limits for profit and loss, weekly profit.
Recommended initial deposit is $2,000. Minimum amount of investment in one strategy is $50. Open a RAMM account.

Choose an investment portfolio and make money from stocks of major corporations.
Readily available ideas for trading, free advice, high profit rate.
You can also take advantage of our free service and order a custom portfolio.
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What trading instruments do we have for beginners and professionals?

We offer 500 instruments for trading: CFDs on stocks, indices, metals, commodities, currency pairs, cryptocurrency.
ECN and Crypto accounts are available to professional traders. Beginners may be interested in our cent account Micro. For the most clients, the recommended account type is Standard. Algorithmic trading is available on all accounts, including the possibility to create of your own robots in MetaTrader 5. The following trading platforms are available at Grand Capital: MetaTrader 4 MetaTrader 5 and the mobile app Grand Trade.

What are our guarantees?

We set high requirements for liquidity providers and aim to provide the most favorable conditions for your work with the market: small fees, highly liquid instruments, immediate execution, 24/7 support. We allow using any robots and EAs, high-margin trading is available. Risk diversification is possible thanks to the variety of accounts and instruments. Our clients are always under the protection of the international financial commission Finacom that has an insurance fund of 20,000 euros for every client. Moreover, the funds of our clients are protected by the cutting-edge blockchain technology of Serenity Escrow that prevents any manipulation with the deposit.

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What makes Grand Capital different from other companies

We profit when you profit.

Grand Capital is a provider of technology for trading in currency and derivatives markets since 2006. Over these years, we have become a financial partner of more than 500,000 traders all over the world. Stable and reliable operation of the company paired with its vast experience in the field allowed to implement the concept of a long-term mutually beneficial partnership. High standards of the provided services and technology earned prestigious awards from the professional community. Our work is for the benefit of the client, and our income relies on fees for using our services and instruments.

What privileges do you get with Grand Capital?

You become a part of the international trading community and use the most advanced services in the field of trading and investing. You participate in loyalty programs and get firsthand access to new instruments and technologies as they are introduced by the company. Each client gets their own personal manager who will help them become more successful. Working with a stable world-class company, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your funds.

How to start working with Grand Capital if you have no experience?

First you need to decide whether you want to work as an independent trader or invest funds. If you plan to trade on your own, start with our classic account Standard, recommended deposit amount is $500. Download the mobile app. Visit our page for beginners.

If you plan to start as an investor, open a RAMM account and start copying the top-performing strategies in the rating: it’s really a low-risk and profitable way of earning for investors of any level of experience with any budget.
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Trade and invest with Grand Capital broker!

Grand Capital is a Forex broker that provides high-quality services for online trading in financial markets to clients around the world since 2006. Trading in MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. Over 500 financial assets: currency pairs, CFDs on the stocks of global corporations, indices, metals.

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  • Forex and CFD trading
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  • Market analysis
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We offer a wide variety of financial instruments for online trading, making the market available to you, always and everywhere.

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寒假快乐! 03:12 / 30 十二月


我们Grand Capital团队向您祝贺寒假!


我们希望您和您的家人和平与繁荣。愿新的一年为每个家庭带来欢乐和好运。祝您身体健康,事业成功, 梦想成真。我们尽量地帮助您实现最珍惜的梦想。

致以良好的祝愿!Grand Capital团队。


为了公司的生日,我们我们已经更新了Grand Capital官方网站的设计。 


通过在主菜单中仅保留最常使用的部分,我们使导航站点更加容易。您可以在页脚中找到该网站的所有必要页面。彻底改变了主页的结构。我们添加了一些新页面,使您的选择更加容易,并对现有页面进行了重新思考。 您可以立即查看其中的一些。 

请注意,公司的旧站点已移至 …


对于在ECN Prime上进行交易的客户而言,这是个好消息! 从10月21日开始,XAUUSDe的保证金要求将降低两倍,从1%降至0.5%。
XAUUSDe是一种现货工具,可以反映一盎司黄金的美元价格。 由于其高流动性,它在世界各地的交易者中都很受欢迎。
ECN Prime是一个专业的交易帐户,非常适合剥头皮交易和新闻交易。 可用功能包括市场深度,点差内的定单。 始终为每笔交易选择最佳的代理。
开一个ECN Prime帐户,并开始在新条件下交易XAUUSDe!

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